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Sailor Moon RP Chapter 1: Usagi's Dissapearance


Megumi looks down as Mako-chan confides in her about her best friend, she hoped that she hadn't upset the girl too much. As they continue walking to the next class Megumi looks up again,
"Usagi-chan hm? That's a cute name, I'm sorry to hear that she hasn't been around...I miss my best friend as well, her name is Miki, though our circumstances are considerably different I guess I can understand how you feel, at least to an extent." Megumi sighs at that, it had been really hard to leave Miki, and even now she didn't quite understand why her parents had decided to move into Tokyo.

Megumi hoped that Miki would visit now and again, they weren't so far away that it would be impossible at least. As she and Makoto walk, Megumi glares at any guy who happens to look at her too long, most of them look away while others try to pretend it wasn't Megumi they were looking at. As they get to the classroom, Megumi takes a deep breath and tries to shake off a feeling of uneasiness, she looks at Makoto and smiles slightly,
"Thank you Mako-chan, for helping me find my way, I hope that Tsukino-san is found soon, she sounds like a very special girl." With that, Megumi takes a seat, just as the teacher walks in.
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